The excitement of the young

I woke up today in a very strange mood – after an evening with Mamma Mia and puzzle, interesting and long conversation about diving with my housemate I thought I would never be able to speak with I expected to fall asleep easily and to wake up refreshed. None of this happened – I danced until 3am with the rhythm of my fairy lights and I woke up more tired of my dreams than before going to bed.

I had a DSD (according to the SSI Standards Try Scuba Diving) booked with 2 Bulgarian children. I met the little girl Magi with her grandparents 3 days ago in Anthemus (the hotel I work from), we had coffee, nice chat and I really enjoyed the idea of having Magi as a student. She was so excited! Magi and her grandma told me about how her dad was taught to swim – his uncle went into the water dressed with a white sheet and some sea grass covering his wrists as bracelets and pretended to be Neptune ( Poseidon?:)) – then he would give chocolate to the kids who wanted to swim to him and touch him – what a better persuasion? Magi learnt easily on her own as she loves the water – she did not have to be tricked in. The first moment I had mentioned going underwater and exploring the underwater world she was absolutely thrilled. Magi started jumping around and pulling her grandparents to take her diving. Such a pure child excitement. I booked a dive for Friday when I was going to be in the dive shop.

Friday is today – Magi and her grandparents have just left. Her cousin Nedyalko was with her – he is slightly older so he went a bit deeper than her. I dived with Magi – by diving I mean walking on the sand and keeping her breathing on the surface, looking at the fish and the stones and enjoying the ride. Dimitri dived with the little boy – they did the skills and went off as deep as 8 m. The boy was so scared of the depth during the briefing, but seems that during the dive the underwater world attracted him in the way it attracts all of us – to explore more. Magi felt the same – she couldn’t take her head out of the water!

After the strange feeling I woke up with and experienced all morning  – the feeling of not knowing which way is up and down, what is wrong or right – seeing their massive smiles and happy expressions after the dive made me realise how much it can mean to people the experience we give them – and I am part of this experience. The grandparents were also thrilled (I just imagined the reaction of my own grandparents with the idea of me diving and it made me laugh!) and said they will return with Magi and Nedyalko and also their own kids (Magi and Neyalko’s parents) next year.. or if possible even next month!

This honest excitement charged me soo much! I am sure they will remember us for long and we have left a mark in the future of two little future travelers and divers!

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