And here we start – first steps in blogging with a story about first steps in scuba diving

It has been so long that I have been postponing starting this page! I had all these ideas about creating it as a dream diary, travel blog, personal diary and memory collector, CV for Red Bull (a dream which I think I have now left somewhere far back in my thoughts)..well to be honest I still have not quite got the concept yet. So, as my best friend advised, I will just start jotting ideas down and see where I go with it!

Today is 19th June, I have been for more than a month back in Greece – in one of my many homes Poseidon Diving Academy. It is the lovely dive shop in which my obsession for diving got flamed up 3 years ago. Many people ask me how I came up with the idea about scuba diving and why I got so passionate about it. I guess it was one of these things which you have in mind for years “I can probably be good at this, I want to try” but you keep postponing until a major crisis hits you and you decide you need change in life. My major crisis was breaking up with my boyfriend – I know this nowadays does not sound so big, as people have adapted to quickly changing partners, but in “my time” it felt quite big. I needed to take my mind of it and instead of burying my head down I decided to pick one thing of my bucket list which at that time consisted of a lot of random things among which:

  1. Learn to ride a bike
  2. Start writing children stories (like I used to do when I was younger)
  3. Learn to scuba dive
  4. Learn to drive car
  5. Find a new hobby related to sports (btw I have always sucked at sports so do not laugh at this one – most people do sports, for me sounded like unbelievable dream)
  6. Quit on love
  7. Start a master programme in Economics
  8. Move to Spain
  9. Live in a Latin American country for more than 3 months and travel
  10. Learn to relax

Quite a dull list really, but I thought I was allowed to be dull! Anyway – major crisis meant I had to stick my finger on one of the above and action it to take my mind off from my internal sorrow, pain and all this malarkey. And the finger stopped on scuba diving.

First experience was in Black Sea in Bulgaria 4 years back at Diving BG in Sozopol. I woke up that morning refreshed, but also felt a bit stressed – what if I was not going to be good at this and what if I felt worse rather than better from this experience. I remember walking by the beach blankly staring at the sea, thinking about memories, sad and happy, people, close and not so and then I felt the smell of the sea. It felt like it was calling me.

My dad decided to come and walk with me to the dive shop. On the way we of course did not miss the healthy breakfast of mekica (Bulgarian donuty looking bakery thing) with sugar. Once we got to the dive shop my dad left and I was sat down with another 3-4 guys to wait for our Divemaster – it is important to point out that my diving knowledge at that point extended to ” I need to get a PADI” – I had no idea what anything in diving meant. I probably should have read more, but I thought on this occasion I will explore by simply doing. Our Divemaster “Pavkata vodolaza” came and started explaining the different parts of the equipment, the procedures and ..for some reason all sounded familiar! By the time we got on the boat to leave for St Ivan island I felt like I have known these guys for years – and I had only been there 20 minutes!

Once on the boat, I got more instruction on how I need to behave underwater and I was told I was going to be lead by Pavel – held by the tank if needed. Eh, what to expect, I knew nothing about buoyancy at this time, so I couldn’t disagree with this arrangement. We got the gear on and jumped in the water (not 100% about jumping, I think we rolled, but this is a minor detail in comparison to what followed). I got to breathe from the regulator for first time and I remember Pavel telling me to be relaxed and calm down. Strangely for first time in long time I did not feel stress or anxiety – I actually felt happy! He showed me I need to equalise and that we go down – I nodded an okay. Going underwater was ..unreal ! The feeling of closeness I felt with this person who I knew for the bare 40-50 mins by then was unreal. My first steps in scuba diving were more than anything related to this super feeling you get when you trust fully someone. I know people might find it ridiculous as this was a dive as deep as 8-10m in the murkiest possible water (I don’t really remember seeing anything of huge importance) but I came out of the water like I had experienced revival of my internal happiness. I was so excited by this unknown feeling of closeness and trust and by the feeling of total freedom with this one person – your buddy that I could not stop thinking about when can it happen next. I wanted to check whether it will again feel the same. And maybe again… and this is how I got to Poseidon you think – yes.. with a few deviations on the way…

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